Fast and affordable web design. Guaranteed.

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fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design
fast and affordable web design

6 Legit Reasons to Choose Our Web Design and Hosting

OWN your site

No more contacting web developers every time you need to change a couple of words on your site. Add or edit text, photos and video whenever you want. With ease.

VIP treatment

HTML? CSS? SSL? GMO? Don't worry about the acronyms. Let us take care of the web stuff and allow you to run your business, doing what you love!


Paying thousands of bucks for a website that doesn't rank in Google is like buying a billboard ad at the bottom of Mariana's Trench. We know how to get Google to love your site.

100% responsive

Smartphones, tablets and notebooks are the new normal. We build responsive websites that reach your customers wherever they are. RIP desktop.

FAST (Seriously)

Many web design firms take weeks, or even months, to build you a custom site. We can develop your website in hours. Not even kidding.


All of this for hundreds, not thousands. No confusing quotes. No contracts. No hidden fees. No worries. No baloney. (sorry for the salty language)

I am so impressed with the service, professionalism, and quality that Patrick and his team at RapidWebLaunch deliver! Within a day-and-a-half from my first contact they had me up and running with a professional website. Patrick was great to work with – responsive and patient. I am overwhelmed with customer satisfaction!

Hey, while we're at it, why don't we make that 🖐✌️ reasons...

fast and affordable web design
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fast and affordable web design

Real-Life Case Study: Turning a $6,000 Website Disaster Into a $1,000 Success

Import Temptations is a luxury furniture retailer in Toronto, Canada. In March 2020, as the world went into lockdown, they came to us with a dilemma.

They had just hired a top web design agency in Toronto to rebuild their website, and it was a disaster.

Sure, it looked pretty. But it was heavy, slow, disfunctional and straight-up broken. Many of the pages on the site simply would not load.

Oh, and they had just dropped a cool $6,000 on this project.

With the web design agency offering nothing more than denial, finger-pointing and confusing explanations, they turned to other web designers for help.

And that’s when they found us.

Long story short, we fixed everything for a fraction of the price. $1,000 even.

Here’s their website’s performance before and after we took over:

Before After

We've been doing game-changing web design for awhile.

David Pere
David Pere
From Military to Millionaire
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RapidWebLaunch quickly, and accurately redesigned my website from the ground up. They were able to understand exactly what I wanted, and I am 100% pleased with their quality of work, and their excellent service!
Carol Scott
Carol Scott
Scott Silver Realty
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Rapid Web Launch was simply fantastic every step of the way! Patrick was easy to work with and delivered an professional, interactive site quickly and for an excellent price. The design is right in line with our brand and its features encourage client engagement... exactly what we wanted! We highly recommend Patrick at Rapid Web Launch and in fact, we look forward to launching our next site with him soon!
Chris Broomfield
Chris Broomfield
Post Press Systems
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Patrick works hard to understand his clients needs and to turn the project around efficiently and accurately. RWL took our existing Weebly website and built us a new site in a matter of days, our search engine ranking has improved in a matter of weeks and we're very happy with Patrick's services.
Chris Buss
Chris Buss
Traders Profit Compass
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Rapid Web Launch did a great job quickly getting my website operational. The Team was very responsive to my needs. I'd highly recommend Rapid Web Launch to anyone searching for a quick, affordable web development partner.
Santiago Velazquez
Santiago Velazquez
DJ Santy Entertainment
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I'm very happy with Patrick services. You must to hire him, he is very good in what he does. I met him when I had my website down and I didn't have any comunication with my clients because emails wasn't working eather. Patrick was able to build a brand new website in only 3 days and fix my emails as well. I do really appreciate all the effort he puts to help me out. He is a very helpful and knowledgeable in what he does with very razonable prices.
Tiara Carty
Tiara Carty
Carty Real Estate
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Patrick was fast and efficient, even though we had many requests and difficulties from our old website providers. He got the job done right-Would definitely recommend!
Elizabeth Buetow
Elizabeth Buetow
Elle Photo
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I have only good things to say about these guys. They're fast, efficient, skilled, perceptive, creative and affordable. They're always available and eager to please, and I'm not easy. I'm a photographer with very little free time and I'm so glad I decided to go with them. I love my website and the fact that I can change and update it on my own whenever I want to. I highly recommend them!
Florence Fulgence
Florence Fulgence
Clean Maids of San Antonio
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I had a nice experience with Patrick. Easy communication and I was able to get the website I wanted in a short amount of time. My business has greatly improved and all my clients love my website!
Joshua Onofrio
Joshua Onofrio
EGL Shipping
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Our website was in desperate need of a face lift. Patrick helped us to find areas to improve our message and we gave him the reins on design. We are very impressed and love the new site!

Always know exactly how your website is performing. 📈

As part of our powerful Rapid Launch Package, you’ll receive monthly reports that will detail how your website performed regarding:

  • Traffic analytics
  • Loading speed
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security attacks thwarted
  • SEO
  • Uptime
"Hiring [RapidWebLaunch] to build my website for me changed the trajectory of my life forever. Patrick is an unbelievably good human being."
Alex Felice
Real Estate Entrepreneur
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fast and affordable web design
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web design testimonial
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Why pay 💸💸💸 for web design?

We build affordable custom websites. Fast. Modify it whenever and wherever you like.

NO contracts.

NO hidden fees.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Rapid Launch Package

Everything you'll ever need for a killer online presence.
$ 39
  • High-performance website hosting
  • Edit your website instantly from anywhere
  • Domain registration and maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • Premium website security and protection from attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • NO contracts
  • NO hidden fees
  • VIP customer support
  • Monthly activity reports sent to your email
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Still not convinced?

We are committed to honesty and transparency. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, no beating around the bush.

You need help? We’re here for you. You want answers? We’ve got them. If we don’t, we’ll let you know and do our best to help anyway.

This is our commitment to you.

fast and affordable web design

Frequently Asked Questions

And our most frequent answers.

Web design pricing can vary so insanely wildly that getting quotes from web designers might leave you feeling like you just walked out of a category 5 tornado.

A small business website with 5 pages and a blog can cost anywhere from $200 to $10,000. No joke.

We think this is crazy. We’ve done our best to simplify this process for you by building an instant web design quote calculator.

You can decide exactly what features you need in your website and get a clearer picture of where you are getting the most value.

And you’ll get an instant quote without the excruciating back and forth email convo that goes on for days.

There’s no contract. No minimum commitments. No handcuffs.

We want you to love our services so much that you wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

We believe we offer one of the best values in the industry. Which is why, after 5 years in business and hundreds of clients, we can use one hand to count the amount of clients that have left us.

Try us out and see for yourself!

Our Rapid Launch website hosting and maintenance package includes:

  • High-performance website hosting on our ultra-fast server
  • Domain registration and maintenance (if you need it)
  • The ability to edit your own website whenever you want
  • SSL certificate included (you need one of these)
  • Premium protection from bot hacks and spam attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth (no caps on how many visitors you can receive)
  • Unlimited storage (no limits on how many files you can upload)
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • VIP 1-on-1 customer support (via email, text or phone)
  • Monthly activity reports via email


It’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Every website on the internet needs a home to live in. Website hosting services give your website that home.

Website hosting can vary greatly in pricing and performance. The vast majority of website owners will cheap out on their hosting and suffer the consequences.

Consequences such as:

  • Poor website loading speeds
  • Slow, frustratingly limited customer support
  • High risk of website security attacks and hacks

When you’re choosing a web host, think about how much time and money you will save by not getting the cheapest hosting available.

We require all of our websites to be hosted on our servers because it is the only way for us to offer the exceptional services we promise.

We use WordPress to build the vast majority of our clients’ websites.

Occasionally, depending on specific needs or requests with ecommerce features, we may build it on Shopify.

We’ll always work that out with you before starting the project.

Absolutely.You always retain all ownership rights to the website and all content contained within.

It’s a big reason we chose to build websites with WordPress. If (in the crazy unlikely event) you decide to take your website elsewhere, it’s very simple to migrate your website to a new hosting platform.

We’re not interested in holding anyone hostage.

Short answer: Yes!

Long(er) answer: This really comes down to your comfort level with WordPress…

Upon completion and launch of your shiny new website, you will be provided with administrative access to the backend. Where you can make as many edits and changes as you want.

Should you make a change that completely destroys your website, that’s where we swoop in to save the day by using one of our daily backups to restore your website to pristine condition again.

Never underestimate the value of your precious time!


fast and affordable web design

Or get an instant web design quote: