website evaluation checklist

The Ultimate Website Evaluation Guide

How to know if your website is crap and in need of a redesign

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Why you should download this free guide:

Great web design doesn’t have to be expensive. But it DOES need to nail these 5 things really well:

website design checklist

User Experience

Does your site offer a killer user experience that keeps people coming back?

website design checklist


Does it look and feel clean, minimal, and beautiful?

website design checklist


Does it tell a compelling and human story that moves people to take action?

website design checklist


Does it pop up in Google and answer the questions your visitors have?

website design checklist


Does it keep your visitors safe and inspire confidence in your brand?

Do I actually know what the heck I'm talking about?

fast web design

​”I am so impressed with the service, professionalism, and quality that Patrick and his team at RapidWebLaunch deliver! Within a day-and-a-half from my first contact they had me up and running with a professional website. Patrick was great to work with – responsive and patient. I am overwhelmed with customer satisfaction!”

Kevin Crull - CMO of Sprint

A word from the author, Patrick Antinozzi

“Web design and online marketing shouldn’t be so stinkin’ expensive. I want to help more businesses get online fast and affordably. That’s why I started RapidWebLanch. We’re unapologetically small and transparent. We love rockets. And space. Also hockey.

This guide will help you determine whether your website is really meeting the needs of your visitors.”

web design checklist

Why wait?

Why put off taking your website to the next level?

website evaluation checklist


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